Celebrate 25 years & more than 56,000 batches of silly putty.

This Giving Tuesday, November 28th SEE is celebrating 25 years of giving students the experience of making their own silly putty.

In 1998 SEE moved to its current location and opened its chemistry lab for students.  This room has been used for summer camps, middle school chemical reaction programs and many other fun STEM activities.  But most notably the room made SEE’s slimy lab program possible.  This program introduces chemistry and states of matter to elementary school students through the process of making silly putty.

Over these 25 years more than 56,000 students have made silly putty with the SEE Science Center.  This number includes every Manchester 4th grader since 2014.  If you are among the 56,000 individuals who turned liquid into an elastic solid at SEE or wish you were, please help us in supporting the next 25 years of slimy science for students.

  • $1000 Supports the cost of an entire school to visit SEE plus you become a SEE Satellite donor
  • $500 Covers the cost for 32 students to make silly putty and visit SEE
  • $100 Covers the cost for 8 students to make silly putty at SEE
  • $75 Covers the cost for 5 students visiting SEE to make silly putty
  • $15 Covers the cost for 1 student’s visit to SEE and silly putty lab experience

SEE Visitor Experiences Director, Becky Mayhew, has been at SEE for more than 30 years.  She has made more than 90% of the silly putty batches with students since 1998.  Her passion for introducing chemistry to students includes showing them her now 25-year-old ball of silly putty, and demonstrating how it still has the same chemical properties as the putty the students just made with their own hands.